Sunday, February 25, 2007

sqwee blogging!

mmmm... blogging... tasty.

not much to say today (busy, must make knitting samples for a class.) But I present some FOs in the sewing and notebook catogories.

First some notebooks. The first one (w/ the robot) is one I bound myself with coptic stitch. Its my first notebook ever! the other three are moleskeins a doodled on/pasted pics to. the one with the yellow chompy mouth says "a hunger for knowledge"

Please excuse the bad photos, there has been almost zero good natural light around here lately. This is a messanger bag half my design and half stolen from a pattern for a bedside organizer. I've also made a few skirts.
Weirdly enough I haven't done much knitting this week which is odd because it is my usual thing. I have 1 sweater and a pair of socks. I also bought yarn for a baby sweater to knit for my cousin's son who's due in May (I think :/) But I need to finish 6 pattern swatches for a class I'm teaching ASAP so everything is a little on hold right now.