Saturday, April 14, 2007

yarny goodness

Mmmmm... fiber. It was my birthday yesterday so this required an outing to Selwood. Selwood means two things: lunch at Papa Haydens (crazy tasty club sandwich, rasberry lemonade and a panna cotta) and Abundant Yarn and Fiber.
Not a huge hall, just some yarn for mindless scarf knitting. The caramel and chocolate will become a herringbone pattern and the noro will be my mindless book knitting in garter stitch.
The obsevant will also note a strange teal... thing flopping out the back of the knitting basket. It is a sleeve for a cabled hoodie I'm designing. The increases are working out a little bit wonky though:

I'm not totally sure if I like how the increases are turning out, but I don't really think it is enought to bother me. I've been trying to increase so as not to screw up the pattern too badly (6 st cable, 2 purl, 2 knit, 2 purl, 6st cable, etc). I implemented a Eunny fake seam type to divide the two sides and it seems to be working out better then my first few (frogged) attempts.

I told you I'd be knitting more of these, and so I did. I love this one sooo much more and have worn it a couple of times this last week.
Yarn: 5 balls cascade pima tencel
Pattern: two tone shrug from fitted knits
ETK: about 13 days

The cuffs are already pilling a bit though :P

Yay wrap skirts!! I'm wearing it in the pic, but here is another to give you an idea of the shape. This has got to be my favorite skirt ever! I drafted it out from my measurements based an intruction from a book (Sew Skirts, I think)