Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fun Things

Class preview today. I HAD NO SIGN UPS FOR THE KNITTING CLASS!!! Everyone signed up for cake decorating or scrapbooking. :P I guess they just don't see the fun in creating something yummy that is useful. A scrapbook page doesn't keep you warm much now does it?

Anyway, before I get to insensed about that... fun things I found

Coin Ring
Make Your Own Circular Needles
Knitted Apple

And some fun things I made
2 sets of button post earrings and some dangly rocks (they are posed on some ball-band warsh rags)

sorry for the sideways pic :/ just some more rock jewelery.

Also made progress on the baby sweater, i knit about half way through it today. That was the plus side of the preview, I got to knit through most of it.

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