Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm seeing green

Yesterday my mom and I made a pilgrimage to Bohersma (I don't know If I spelled that right) It may be an hour long trek but well worth it. The place is in McMinville and on one side of the street is a quilt shop and on the other side is a knitting shop. Both are the same company which means the reward cards are good at both!! We filled up ours between the two places :)
First the quilt shop finds...
Both are Amy Butler fabrics destined for spring skirts. I really love the blue and red floral one, I wanted to just buy the whole bolt :(

These are the yarn shop finds. A bunch of cascade pima tencel on sale at 30% off (14balls green and
19 teal) The green is already well on its way to becoming a long sleeve version of the fitted knits shrug. I also got a skein of mostly green Trekking with blues and purples.
The needles are rosewoods I picked up for a song in carlton and I am sold. If only they were cheaper I would probably never buy another kind of needle. Except maybe brittanys. They are just sooo smooth and nice to work with.
Oh, and my knitted apple has found his calling: dpn assistance

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