Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Have Been Crafting I Swear!

Crafting, but not blogging. Mostly because I haven't had a lot of good light for pictures. But the last few days have been really nice so I could finally get at least semi nice pics.

It really isn't a garter blob eatting a pillow. I swear. Its a soon to be baby sweater for my new baby cousin who is due this spring. It needs embellishments though... ideas? I'm afraid to do too many buttons for fear he might try to eat them :(

Paper bead braclets!!! These were so much fun to make. They're made from a paper bag from Fossil which had cool stripes on it. They didn't show up at all until I coated them in nail polish. Different parts of the paper took the polish differently too so there are slight variations on the beads. I love them! Much better then the paper beads I made in the 3rd grade with my girl scout troop. :)

This is the shrug from Fitted Knits (love the book, if you don't have it yet well... I think you should. Consider it enabling.)

Yarn: 3ish balls of Artful Yarn's Fable (cotton/ silk blend, dunno how much of each since the ball band is long gone) and ITS FROM THE STASH!!! YAY STASHBUSTING!!!
Needles: Bamboo circs and dpns in sizes 5mm and 3.75mm
EKT (estimated knitting time) 7 days

Notes: I love this shrug!! I sense more coming. I used eyelet increases on the back for fun. I really want to play with different edging on this like a lace edge or a garter edge.

Projects in the works:
2 bags (my apple bag had an, er, nuclear melt down in the wash :( and I want to make a smaller one for day to day stuff)
1 skirt

Projects on the Way
more things from Fitted Knits
a sweater of my own design
more knitted fruit and stuffies (yay stash knitting!)
Sewn organizers for desk

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Anonymous said...

I love paper bead bracelets!
As for embellishments on the baby sweater, you could embroider them...maybe sew on some felt shapes?